My daughter and I

About Me

I am a website designer and developer from Akron, Ohio. Currently I am in the United States Army but will be changing careers at the end of June, 2014. For over 10 years I have been tinkering around on the internet designing and building websites for both fun and profit. Six of those years have been professionally for Cole Industries, Inc. based out of Akron, Ohio.

My Designs

My designs are all hand-coded and designed by me. I occasionally use HTML5 Boilerplate as a base to ensure usability and quality of design. My designs are created in Adobe Photoshop and are then cut into pieces which I code into the design.


I've worked professionally as a website designer for Cole Industries, Inc. for six years. My qualifications include HTML, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, XML, PHP, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, SQL as well as various other web technologies. I have worked with phpBB, Wordpress, Drupal and other content management systems.



I offer a wide variety of web services, below are just a few of the solutions I can offer.

Website Design

Custom websites built specifically for your needs. Websites can be built to any specifiation, ready to attract new customers. Need help coming up with a design? Not a problem! Just let me know what you might be looking for and I can take you in the right direction.

Backend Development

Looking for dynamic content? I can offer custom PHP backends handling data, performing calculations and running server-side scripts.

Wordpress Installation and Management

Looking to set up a blog? Not a problem. I can get you started with Wordpress and even maintain the software for you! Wordpress services I offer include:

  • Wordpress Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Custom Themes
  • Much more! Just ask!


My resume is available in PDF, Word, Open Office and Plain Text formats:

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Indeed!


Looking to contact me for my services? Feel free to use any of the following methods:



Mobile: 330-204-9750

Social Media


I create and design websites to the specific requests of my customers. Have something in your head that you want put on the web? I'm your man. I will not stop until you have the perfect website, geared towards exactly what you want. Best of all, it will work! With my designs there will be no broken links, confusing layouts or unreadable text. What you get with me is 100% custom service with usability and quality in mind.


All of my designs are hand coded to guarantee quality. Unlike other designers who use drag and drop editors, I personally write each line of my code to ensure the design works exactly the way I want it to. Adhering to the latest web standards and practices, I ensure that your website will be cutting edge while still having the stability and quality you desire. Want to know what I'm talking about? Right-click on this page and click "View page source" to see what I mean!


For over 10 years I have been fascinated with the internet. I've spent countless nights writing code, searching for the latest web trends and helping others learn the skill I am so passionate about. Nothing excites me more than being able to take text and turn it into functional design. Whether it's for hobby or work, I put all of my passion into the websites I create. Some would say I'm obsessed... I can't say that I could argue with them.